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Sustainability Update

XANDOR’s Sustainability Strategy has 4 Workstreams to reduce our Environmental Impact

  • Zero Carbon – mapping our journey to become zero carbon by 2039
  • Sustainable Polymers – focussing upon increasing the level of recycled polymers in products and the move to novel non oil based polymers
  • Sustainability Culture – encouraging each of us to think about our role in minimising environmental impact inside and outside of work
  • Packaging – eliminating or reducing the amount of packaging and also moving to recycled alternatives

In the Packaging workstream, we have recently seen further encouraging progress.

All our corrugate (cardboard) suppliers have increased the % of recycled material from 20% to minimum 70%. Non recycled material is sourced from FSC accredited sources.

Our updated NPI (New Product Introduction) process requires us to constructively challenge customers in order to minimise the environmental impact of packaging, whilst ensuring products are protected during transit. Our hierarchical approach looks to eliminate packaging wherever possible and if this is not practicable, to suggest more sustainable alternatives. This approach resulted in the elimination of approximately 320,000 large polythene bags during the expected product lifecycle of one part number, with significant benefits to the customer, XANDOR and the environment.

In the Zero Carbon workstream, one element is, wherever possible, to move our gas forklift trucks from gas to electric. Our Brierley Hill site has changed its contract for forklift supply to move to electric power as each fork lift truck reaches the end of its life.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed towards the above and to those who are working on further improvements.