WHS Plastics is driven by its 6 Values, Trust, Openness, Respect, Accountability, Agility and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

As a result, we must at all times behave in a responsible, professional and ethical approach. Our ESG strategy ensures we will realise this challenging goal.


We have made great strides in developing an Environmental Strategy to realise Net Carbon Zero by 2039. Our strategy involves 4 workstreams:
  • Carbon Net Zero – reducing our Carbon Footprint, by primarily moving to purchasing green energy and through solar and wind generation. A key step to achieve this was to measure the WHS Plastics Carbon Footprint. We are also starting to calculate the Carbon Footprint of each of our products using a process called Life Cycle Assessment.
  • Reducing Packaging, by working with customers to eliminate packaging or moving to more sustainable alternatives. A good example is the increase in re-cycled content in our cardboard packaging.
  • Sustainability Culture, encourages us and our customers and suppliers to consider the environmental impact of all our decisions. It also requires us to be pro-active and suggest better ways of doing things.
  • Sustainable Polymers is a key workstream examining more environmentally friendly polymers and how we can design products that are easier to re-cycle at end of life. We are also experimenting with innovative products that can result in our plastic components becoming Climate Positive.


This element encompasses our Equal Opportunities and Wellbeing Programmes and ensures these high standards are cascaded into our Supply Chain.

Critically, we look to develop our people so that each of us can fulfil our potential. It ensures we are aware of our strengths and areas for development. We offer a wide range of programmes to ensure people grow within the business.

Social also includes the ways that WHS reaches out into communities to support good causes. We develop links with schools and colleges and look to recruit people into our business on Apprenticeships or Graduate entry.


We set out the standards we expect, not only from our employees, but also from our Supply Chain, to ensure that WHS always operates to the highest standards in areas such as Diversity, People Trafficking, Child Labour, Conflict Minerals and Bribery and Corruption.

We continue to maintain our industry certifications such as IATF (International Standard for Automotive Quality Management) and compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) while also reviewing any specific assurance requirements from our clients regarding information security. As our IT systems transition to a common platform, we shall update and centralise our IT policies, processes, and procedures.